Legislative Advocacy

Proventus Consulting LLC leverages its extensive experience in public policy to execute public relations campaigns that achieve desired policy and legislative outcomes for our clients. Our team members’ diverse backgrounds are key to landing public affairs wins on behalf of our clients. Proventus team members’ previous experience includes serving as a legislative lobbyist for a major public institution, leading public relations efforts for a public official and working as journalists covering legislative and policy issues. This background combines with our proven communications skills to deliver solid client results. When a client approaches us with a policy or legislative goal, we collaborate with the client on message development and then create and implement a strategic campaign that prominently places the client’s message in the media as well as across highly visible platforms. Outside of media efforts, we not only ensure our clients’ positions reach key decision makers, we collaboratively work with major players to achieve effective outcomes. Our public affairs work has included creating and carrying out a national issue campaign that reached leading national media including USA Today as well as state outlets coast-to-coast. We teamed our client with key policymakers during this campaign, and these efforts have positively influenced legislative action.

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