Thought Leadership Converts to Valuable Marketing Content

This form of content marketing involves a bit more work than creating messaging for your website or firm brochure, but the time is well spent considering the return on investment. In addition to increasing your visibility among a publication’s audience of literally thousands of readers, a published article can be leveraged to work double-time as a business development tool within your own network of connections, clients and existing marketing materials.

Once published, for instance, an author may use an article reprint to create touch points with existing and prospective clients, as well as with business partners. What’s more, the article may be used to update an array of existing marketing content ranging from inclusion in responses to RFPs to serving as updates to marketing brochures, websites and social media platforms.

It terms of impact, a recent Roper Public Affairs study found that 80 percent decision makers surveyed indicated they prefer content marketing to other forms of advertising because, in large part, it helps them make better buying decisions.

If your firm would like to capitalize on this sentiment, as well as the many benefits a resulting work product would have to your business development efforts, here are a few ideas to consider as you get started:

  • Write with a client. The result will be an improved relationship with your business partner as well as having a co-author that adds credibility to your work message.
  • Solve a problem. In addition to addressing an industry concern, provide your readers with possible solutions to the issue that they can implement within their own company.
  • Follow the editor’s lead. While you may understand the complexity of the issue best, a magazine’s editor knows her audience best. What’s more, she knows how to keep their attention, which is of utmost importance to your efforts.
  • Make it newsworthy. In considering your approach, ask yourself whether the topic would hold up in a newsroom of editors. If your topic is not newsworthy on its own, consider tying it to something that is topical.
  • Keep it short. Challenge yourself to write as short as possible to help you keep focus on what is most important to the reader.
  • Buy the reprint. This is the first step to making the article work double time in terms of ROI. Do not delay in sharing the article with your clients and colleagues and as an update to your websites, marketing materials and social media platforms.
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adminThought Leadership Converts to Valuable Marketing Content