Low Cost Ways to Encourage New Attorneys to Think Like Rainmakers

While many marketing and business development functions are typically reserved for more senior attorneys, associates need to be honing their business development skills early on in their career, which is a practice that should be encouraged by the firm.

Now that you have chosen the best and brightest to help represent your clients, consider the following ways that they can also help your firm strengthen its brand, increase its visibility and encourage new business for the firm:

Community Involvement: Boards, Volunteerism and Visibility

A great way to follow through on your firm’s commitment to civic involvement is by encouraging your attorneys – partners and associates alike – to join a nonprofit as a board member or volunteer. Attorneys should first identify causes that align with their personal interests, but this is a great way to not only give back but also to create new relationships with fellow board members in the community.

Trade Associations: A Perfect “In”

In addition to membership in a local bar association, associates should consider trade associations and their local chamber of commerce as a way to market themselves and grow new relationships with decision-makers in their fields. While practice areas might change over the course of a career, getting them entrenched in a trade association will have lasting benefits to the firm. In addition to providing opportunity to establish new relationships, many trade associations invite members as authors in their newsletters and speakers at their events, which are great ways to demonstrate thought leadership.

Speaking and Writing

A common practice in Big Law marketing is for associates and partners to collaborate on writing and speaking opportunities, which is a win-win for both. Whether contributing an article to a trade journal, speaking at a bar function or developing content for a branded e-newsletter for your firm, these involvements are a great way to demonstrate thought leadership on a particular topic. What’s more, once a presentation is made or an article publishes, there are a number of ways to maximize the value of these opportunities in terms of business development for the firm.

How have you marketed your rising stars? Share with us your ideas on how fresh faces can become community leaders and rainmakers for your firm.

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adminLow Cost Ways to Encourage New Attorneys to Think Like Rainmakers