5 Tips For Online Bios That Boost Business Development

According to a study by legal consultant Great Jakes, attorney biographies account for more than half of law firm website page views, which is a statistic that suggests firm’s prospective clients, referral sources and other significant contacts continue to hire lawyers rather than law firms to represent their legal needs.

With that in mind, firms should look for ways to use online biographies as a way to make their attorneys stand out from the crowd. The following are five tips to strengthen attorney biographies in compelling and effective ways:

  • Speak to your customers. Instead of simply stating an attorney’s background, take a bio a significant step further by explaining how an attorney’s experience can specifically benefit clients.
  • Set yourself apart. Point out the unique strengths and accomplishments of an attorney to set an individual apart from the competition.
  • Stay current. Add new information, such as key matters, speaking engagements and honors, in a timely manner to remain relevant.
  • Visuals are key. The quality of photography and design can shape opinions about a firm’s level of professionalism.
  • Engage readers. Make a bio memorable with succinct language that isn’t overloaded with legalease.

Remember: An online bio can serve as a first impression, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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admin5 Tips For Online Bios That Boost Business Development